Hot Springs

Welcome to the Hot Springs office of Daily Bread Counseling.

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Daily Bread Counseling is located inside the RIX Office Building, Suite 20 at 1401 Malvern Ave.

Coming down Malvern Ave from either direction you will see the RIX Office building. If you are coming from the Malvern area then the RIX Office Building is located on your right. If you are coming from the Hot Springs area then the RIX Office Building is on your left. As you turn into the parking lot you will see two outside doors on the lower level. It would be best to park on the lower level on the right side of the building or in the back parking lot.

As you enter into the outside door on the left then go straight down the hall to the second door on the left, Suite #20. You are invited to sit in the waiting area located in the hallway outside the door to Suite #20.


Daily Bread Counseling – RIX Office Building
1401 Malvern Ave., Suite #20
Hot Springs, AR 71913

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