Bipolar disorder, which used to be referred to as "manic depressive disorder" is a condition that causes extreme and unpredictable swings not only in mood, but in energy and activity levels. There are an estimated 5.7 million people living in America with bipolar disorder, and only about half of them receive treatment for the condition. Unlike someone who is simply "moody," pe ...

When you think of depression symptoms, you probably think of someone looking sad and withdrawing from friends. While these are, in fact, some of the symptoms of depression, depression can also manifest itself in physical symptoms that appear to be unrelated to a mental health issue. It is fairly common for people with depression to suffer headaches. It also causes regular migr ...

Yes, it is something that seems to be on everyone’s minds. It is the talk on all social media and yet, it never seems to go away. Could it be, that stress is just a part of everyday life? I wonder if stress shows up outside of a relationship. That is to say, if you are not engaged or better yet interacting with another person then can you be stressed? I know that sometimes situations can be stressful, so rather you are interacting with another person you will always have the opportunity to interact with yourself. So, stress is very much a part of our lives.

Depending on who you talk to communication is about 90% non-verbal. Non-verbal? Isn’t communicating the art of talking? Yes. However, talking is only about 10% of the skill of communicating. We are always communicating even when we are not talking. A good example of non-verbal communication is when a teenager rolls their eyes in response to something that they do not want to do. This simple act can send a parent into orbit.

Lots of people interchange the terms “sad” and “depressed.” But feeling sad or having the blues is different than suffering from depression. Of course, feeling sad about many different things in life is entirely normal. Most people are sad when they experience a loss or disappointment.

Are you troubled by watching the live feeds of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting? It’s a snowy day out side and you can easily get caught up in the drama. Often when we are exposed to this type of trauma many people will suffer from Secondarytraumatic Stress ( STSD, a term used after the 911 attacks) and it might trigger some past trauma where you may experience some Posttraumatic Stress.

Worrying about things is a major part of the human condition. It’s certainly normal to worry about money, finances, health, relationships and more. However, when worry disrupts how well you can live your life or seems to be about practically everything, your worry might be a condition called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

How does sitting in traffic sound to you? What about arguing with your children? Soon school will be starting back up and this means more traffic in the mornings and afternoons. It means changed routines and schedules. These activities likely make you feel stressed, but there are some quick and easy steps you can take to combat stress before it becomes a problem.

We need a little Grace in the world today, don’t you think.

I grew up with Andy and Barney, Car 54, Matt Dillon and Dragnet. All this violence is overwhelming to me. My father was a Little Rock Police officer and worked the radio during the 1957 Central High Crisis. I cannot remember worrying if he would be coming home at the end of his shift. Maybe because I was too young or maybe because it was a different time. I can remember when the current LRPD station was brand new. Dad would take us to the station and into the locker room of the officers. I can remember that they had a pool table for officers to unwind after a long day.