I am going to write about where I see Jesus in everyday events. I believe that we are very good at pointing out where Jesus is not and fail to see where he is. I heard it said that sometimes Jesus will calm the storm and sometimes he will calm us in the midst of the storm. So, today at Church, they talked about LOVE.

In the January 13, 2016 edition of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Allie Shah of the Star Tribune (TNS) wrote about some new technology using brain SPECT scans that is sobering.

Multiple studies using brain scans show chronic heavy drinking causes shrinking of the brains frontal cortex – the home of higher order thinking skills. This is not so new in that Dr. Daniel Amen in his 2004 book, “Images of Human Behavior – A Brain SPECT Atlas shows the effects of not only alcohol on the brain but also heroin and marijuana along with such mental diagnoses of an obsessive brain or an anxious brain.