How does sitting in traffic sound to you? What about arguing with your children? Soon school will be starting back up and this means more traffic in the mornings and afternoons. It means changed routines and schedules. These activities likely make you feel stressed, but there are some quick and easy steps you can take to combat stress before it becomes a problem.

Take deep breaths. This practice allows the brain to slow down and not to react to a stressful situation. Be sure to breath slowly and to let go of the stresses.

Practice acceptance. Next time you find yourself stressed out about something you cannot change, focus on accepting the things that you can change.

Assume positive intent. Next time that you find yourself stewing about something a person said or did, try assuming that their intent was good. This can be especially helpful in the workplace.

If stress has you tied up in knots and these simple management techniques are not working, check your mental health with this confidential and free screening at

You can print off your results and take it to your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or to your counseling session. Please do not ignore the information that you receive from your screening.