I grew up with Andy and Barney, Car 54, Matt Dillon and Dragnet. All this violence is overwhelming to me. My father was a Little Rock Police officer and worked the radio during the 1957 Central High Crisis. I cannot remember worrying if he would be coming home at the end of his shift. Maybe because I was too young or maybe because it was a different time. I can remember when the current LRPD station was brand new. Dad would take us to the station and into the locker room of the officers. I can remember that they had a pool table for officers to unwind after a long day.

On one trip to the station he showed us the holding cell and as we walked into the cell he slammed the door behind us. I can still now, some 55+ years later remember the sound of that door closing.

I so desperately want to believe that Otis can still come in when he has had too much to drink and lock himself up and that Aunt B would still bring fried chicken for lunch.

The current problems we have are a result of not having respect for either the police or the civilian. Short and to the point. Until, both sides can accept that the other has value then the problems we are experiencing will continue.

In scripture we are taught to turn the other cheek. Let me suggest that when you turn the cheek, stop and look into the eyes of the person that has hurt you. I know that we need to be having open conversations.

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I pray for peace!