Lots of people interchange the terms “sad” and “depressed.” But feeling sad or having the blues is different than suffering from depression. Of course, feeling sad about many different things in life is entirely normal. Most people are sad when they experience a loss or disappointment.

Often, our life experiences can be so overwhelming. We become depressed by the burden of stress and anxiety. This affects our brain chemistry and keeps us from feeling the good emotions in life.

However, when the sadness becomes a feeling you have most of the day, it can be a symptom of something more. Intense sadness that stays with you for two weeks or more can also be an indication that you might be suffering from depression. Other symptoms include: loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy; difficulty sleeping; trouble concentrating.

The good news is that depression is a treatable condition. The recommended treatment for depression is a combination of Psychotherapy and a medication evaluation. A free and quick anonymous screening can identify if your symptoms may be consistent with depression. Check out www.dailybreadcounseling.org.