Welcome to First United Methodist Church and the Benton office of Daily Bread Counseling.

When you arrive at 200 N. Market St. in Benton you will see some of the most historic buildings in Saline County. As you face the Church you will have behind you the Saline County Courthouse. You will see the Sanctuary on your right and a covered walkway connecting to a one story building on your left. Daily Bread Counseling is located in the one story building on your left.

FUMC Benton has only three doors that you will be able to enter the building, due to having a daycare and preschool on site there is an increased need for security to protect the children.

The door to use for your Daily Bread Counseling appointment is at the corner of Market St. and Sevier St., the corner of the single story building.  There is a Daily Bread sign on that corner. It is a single white door, located under a covered entry area. The access box is located on the wall just to the right of the door.

This door will have a camera and a button you will need to push to request access to the building for your appointment.

After you push the button and tell them that you have an appointment with Daily Bread Counseling, enter the building and walk to the end of the hall. You will see the Daily Bread Counseling office to your left.

If the “Do Not Disturb” sign is out and the door is closed, then you can wait for your appointment in the Chapel. The  Chapel is located to your right.

First United Methodist Church
200 N. Market St.
Benton, Arkansas 72015
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